If you are currently having issues with;

- employee over head
- a huge overtime expense
- long lead times
- employee labor rate has gone up
- inefficiencies
- company profit has plateaued

let F.A.S.T. Manufacturing be your solution!

My name is George Fernandez, a former Production Manager and owner of  F.A.S.T. Manufacturing. Coming from the manufacturing world, I know the challenges that arise in this industry and the amount of stress that quickly builds up. I have over 12 years of manufacturing experience and know how IMPORTANT it is to stay efficient and profitable.

- How can I help?

Let F.A.S.T. Manufacturing produce for you. My team and I can assist you in the complete and final assembly of your product. We will have your product ready to ship to your customers or ready to hit your stocking shelf.

- How it works?

1. Provide F.A.S.T. Manufacturing with parts needed to complete the assembly of your desired product.
2. Raw product and parts/components are picked up.
3. Finished goods are delivered.

It is that simple!!

By outsourcing to us, we will be helping you REDUCE ;

- employee over head ~ No more employees will need to be hired due to company growth ~
- overtime expense ~ No overtime will be needed to complete daily tasks ~
- lead times ~ Lead times will drop and stay competitive, Customer satisfaction ~
- employee labor rate ~ Less man hours will be needed, amount spent on labor will drop ~

and help you GAIN ;

- customer satisfaction ~ By maintaining stock on hand and shorter lead times ~
- company profit ~ Less employees will be needed to produce the same amount, NO new employees will be needed to maintain company growth ~

Give us a try today.

Pricing can be established by piece or by contract, which ever the method, I assure you it will be cost effective for you!

Current lead time is 48 hours!

Thank you for visiting, please have a wonderful day!

George Fernandez
F.A.S.T. Manufacturing



F.A.S.T. Manufacturing